This first month was awesome. I had the privilege to sleep at an orphan house full of young great kids.
They all taking care for each other and have so much fun. My eyes caught so many wonderful things here.
The people here in Indonesia are friendly, polite but most of all there very humble.

On short time I met so many people.
I had all kinds of oppurtunities to share my talent, person and passion. From restaurant to football fields.
At Semarang they have several football academies. One of them is Terang Bangsa where I was invited
to train coaches and players. One of my first words here, saying; 'inspire people' came true at
the football fields of Terang Bangsa. Everyone is doing freestyle. I saw players,
coaches and even parents trying to do tricks with the ball. A great experience to be here.

Well, that's it for now. Up for a busy schedule at Singapore. Thanks Semarang for having me.
Sampai Jumpa.

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